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Spring is finally here


Green. The soothing effect of nature’s favorite color makes it timeless in interior design. Especially these days when we all have the urge to reconnect with Mother Earth. The usage of indoor plants decreases stress and anxiety, but also the heart rate and blood pressure. Beyond that, it also speeds up healing in case of illness and depression. And in addition to that, Green plants are well known for their air-purifying properties, which we all benefit from indoors. As spring is approaching, La Movida would like to provide its entourage with some tips to adopt a vegetal decoration inside your space, with refinement and good taste. After all, adding greenery is one of the core elements of a design agency like ours.

The luxuriant vegetation of Art Deco

Art Deco is known by all designers for its opulent style, mixing metals, textures, colors, and plants. Bronze is one of the most important components of this 30s inspired interior design stream. Mixing this metal with green vegetation brings a chic, vintage, and joyful mood that will remind you of the roaring twenties. If you adopt Art Deco in your designs, feel free to express your fantasy with highly colorful furniture in velvet for example. Don’t be afraid to use pastel pink for example, which will add the well-known Californian touch. Dark green, blue and fading yellow are good choices to match the green plants. To make it look lush and generous, you can opt for tropical plants, like the Canna, the Phormium Tenax, or Banana Palms, which will bring an exotic vibe into your rooms.

The Scandinavian authenticity

To make it look totally natural while keeping it simple, add a Scandinavian twist to your decoration. The wooden furniture will be a perfect match with abundant vegetation. For a Jungle look and feel we advise you to adopt the False Philodendron. You can also go for a mix of Aloe Vera, Cactuses, and fern, which are amongst the easiest plants to maintain indoors.

When nature takes over in contemporary urbanism

You have probably already seen and heard of many projects involving urban jungles in interior design, emerging in about all corners of the world. In new cities, where urbanism extends in harmony with an overtaking natural element, interior design moves into a new age, inviting pervasive vegetation inside our contemporary homes. The Bonsaï is a great choice for futuristic architectures. It will bring a Japanese twist with a pure and relaxing aesthetic. You can also opt for fruit trees like lemon trees, for example, to bring more life and colors to these designs characterized by their minimalistic tones and shapes. Finally, you can also opt for a maximalist effect with climbing plants, like the Virginia Creeper, the Ivy, or the Stephanotis on a dedicated vegetal wall inside your space. The above tips are obviously the top of the iceberg in terms of mixing interior design and natural elements but they certainly are a good start.

What would you consider adopting in your next plan?

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