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When multiculturalism becomes a gastronomic treasure


Seppe Nobels, in collaboration with Chris Bryssinckx, the non-profit organization  GATAM and the city of Antwerp, launched a new project in the port of Antwerp in June 2021. At the Instroom Restaurant, Seppe and his team of refugees serve fusion 2.0  cuisine with two things in common: they all love to cook and they have all fled their countries in search of a better future.

At Instroom, Seppe and his multicultural brigade are now cooking the signature dishes that these refugees have brought to Antwerp. Today they learn how to cook them the Seppe Nobels’ way. This means  integrating Belgian products and techniques, in combination with their own culinary traditions. Dining in the new Instroom restaurant is therefore not only a culinary experience but also a very personal and social journey.

Thanks to their collaboration with GATAM, they can guide disadvantaged groups to the labor market, where the catering sector has been their playground for years. The designer of this ambitious learning/work project, the Antwerp ecofriendly-star chef Seppe Nobels, has just obtained a green Michelin star and his latest cookbook is a real success.

He does this together with Chef Romina Pasten Vera and Chef Faieq Al-Mamoori. The sommelier Nadia provides the team with a professional explanation of the wines to help them in their selection. Chef Tine Lens, coach Hannah Ruys and the webmaster/Social media manager Geert Van Acker (all from GATAM) have completed their team recently.

What we (La Movida) love as a branding and design agency about this initiative, is that it proves that a business or a brand’s reputation can also take benefits from social good initiatives. We should encourage that for a better world, where success stories will be created out of supportive and solidary actions.

Discover the pictures of their graduate students in their restaurant on the website. These pictures have been sent from the places where they were working.

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